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Our Most Popular Resources:
Craft Recipe Tutorials
Come check out our Free Craft Recipes and make your own
playdough, colored noodles, paper mache, puffy paint, paper
pulp and more!
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Blank Lapbook Templates
We've got some great blank
lapbooking templates that you can
customize.  These are great to have on
hand for your lapbooking projects, and
look fantastic printed on colored
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More Free Lapbooking Resources
Free Bible Lapbooks
We've got some fantastic resources for
teaching your children about key bible
characters and concepts.  You'll find Adam
and Eve, Bible Basics, Creation, Daniel,
Easter, Fruit of the Spirit, Prayer, and more.
Our Homeschool Classroom
Are you curious about our personal
Homeschool Classroom?  Come on by and
see how we've set up our Dining Area for
multipurpose use.  Read about our yearly
curriculum choices, and join us in our
homeschool journey at
The Crafty
Classroom Blog!
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Free Lapbooks
We have a great selection of free
lapbooks available to our
members.  You'll find Bible
lapbooks, Insect lapbooks,
Animal Lapbooks  Minioffice
printables, and more.
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Lapbook Videos
If you're a visual learner you might
want to check out our lapbooking
videos! We'll show you some of the
basics of lapbooking along with
some more advanced folding and
pocket making.
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Lapbook Photos
We have an amazing selection of  
lapbook photos and examples.  
You're sure to be inspired from the
creativity of our members.  Browse
through projects or search for a
specific keyword.
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Free Lapbooks
Lapbook Lessons is a website that is dedicated to helping you find just the right materials and
resources you need to enhance your lessons.  Labooking is a fairly new teaching tool that provides
children with creative ways to learn.  If you've never heard of Lapbooking, you might want to
check out our
Member Forums or watch a couple of our video demonstrations to see exactly how
to fold everything. Members have access to all of our printable lapbooks, lapbook photos, video
tutorials, and special giveaways and contests!
Sunday School Sites
Lapbooking Tips & Tricks
Wondering how to get
started with lapbooking?  
We've got some great
suggestions for materials
and products that can help
make your lapbooking
projects much smoother.

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Insect Lapbooks
We have some great printables to take your
children on a bug study!  Learn about Ants,
Butterflies, Crickets, Dragonflies,
Earthworms, Fireflies, Gnat, HoneyBee,
Isopetera, June Beetle, Katydid, Ladybug,
Mosquito and more
Book Report Lapbooks
We have lapbooking printables for some
classic children's story books.  You'll find
Winnie the Pooh, Stone Soup, Little House in
the Big Woods, Kit Kittredge and more.
These are great alongside a scheduled
reading progrm.
Animal Lapbooks
We have a small selection of Animal
Lapbooks, put together out of our own
personal homeschool studies.  You'll find an
Owl lapbook, Penguin Lapbook, and a Killer
Whale Lapbook.
Homeschool Freebies
Check in every Monday for a new freebie!  
Often the freebie is a notebooking or
lapbooking project so be sure to keep your
eye on this website for free offers.
Mini Office Printables
If you've never heard of a mini-office, you're in for a treat!  Using simple
manila file folders you can create some amazing reference charts for your
children.  We've designed some custom printables that will provide
children with key information such as ABC, Cursive, Math, Money,
Fractions, Geography, and more
Click Here.
Lapbooking Japan
Our Japan lapbook includes
numerous printables and
resources for storing facts about
the country of Japan.  You'll find
suggested activities, crafts and
links to turn this into an amazing
unit study.
 Click Here
Lapbooking George Washington
This is a great study for your children's
first biography.  Find colorful
printables, innovative crafts and
activities, and suggest links for further
Click Here
Oregon Trail Lapbook
We are native Oregonians, and this
was one of our first lapbooking
experience in our own homeschool.  
You'll find printables and resources
for learning about the Oregon Trail
plus File Folder Games, Crafts, and
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Lapbooking Forum
Join with over 30,000
members, lapbooking
questions & answers, photos,
videos and more!
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